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Chef Thomas Rode Andersen (previous chef), Kong Hans Kaelder, Copenhagen - Fine Traveling
Chef Thomas Rode Andersen (previous chef)
Thomas Rode Andersen was nowhere to be seen during service, as he was hidden in the restaurant’s main kitchen.

Even though we knew nothing about him, we asked to see him if possible, at the end of the meal. We were surprised that not only did he come out, but he brought the desserts himself.

With his statuette, athletic presence, he introduced himself. A few minutes into the conversation, he appeared to be a very friendly and charming man, behind the masculine, athletic exterior. But he did come across as a no-nonsense kind of guy.

He told us he is changing the menu almost weekly, as it seems he enjoys experimenting with ingredients while remaining respectful to their natural form and shape. And he is conscious of cooking healthy, a fact you will not be able to tell from the dishes.

Thomas Rode Andersen is not a man who came out of nowhere. He has worked at top restaurants in Denmark (Falsled Kro at Fyn, Fakkelgaarden in Kollund), in Germany (Chez Paul in Flensborg) and Austria (Lebzelter Obauer in Salzburg) before coming to Kong Hans 16 years ago.

During our conversation we told him about a visit to Noma on the previous day and he mentioned that Rene (yes, Noma’s Rene) was his sous chef for four years. Apparently, Thomas (we can speak on first terms now) has trained almost everybody who is somebody in the Copenhagen culinary scene. And he remains down to earth, speaking highly and fondly of his former colleagues. A chef of chefs.

Upon leaving, he came out again to say good bye and we got the opportunity to talk more. When the conversation evolved around food, his eyes led up revealing his passion about food. This is a man who really loves his job and his life. He is married to the gorgeous Sommelier blonde of the restaurant and he is a local celebrity, advocate of fitness and health and the PALEO movement.

By the end of the conversation, we left feeling very impressed by the vibrant personality of this tall body-builder, fit like no other chef in the world. This Nordic health guru, was fascinating!

Thomas Rode Andersen (previous chef)'s Work
Restaurant Kong Hans Kaelder, Copenhagen - Fine Traveling
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